To my dear friends and clients,

Needless to say, we never expected this. The Covid-19 virus is going to affect many people in our society. It is going to have very difficult implications for many industries and individuals worldwide. We are very fortunate to be in the circumstances that we are. Due to the nature of our business, we typically need to respond to clients on a daily basis. The best way to prepare for that is to be able to work from home. All of our employees have been set up to work from home for many years. They are able to seamlessly meet the needs of our clients if they are sick, if there is a blizzard, if they are caring for an ill child, or for virtually any other reason. This has us set up perfectly to be able to continue to meet your needs every day. We have made the appropriate changes in the office in order to keep our associates healthy and safe. We are rotating our office staff into the office based on the specific needs of the clients. There are certain things that cannot be done from home, copying, scanning, and check printing to name the most cumbersome. There are some things that have changed in our normal procedures that you should be aware of. There may be other changes in our processes as we think of them, and as our civic leaders make changes, but those will only be made with the best interests of the safety and health of our employees, and our clients. Until further notice, we will not be conducting any face-to face client meetings in our office, or anywhere else. We will not visit any of your homes or offices. We certainly can talk on the phone, exchange e-mails or texts, or even FaceTime if it requires a face-to-face meeting.

Many of our clients deliver various things to our office, by various methods. There will be times that there is nobody at the office. Couriers, UPS, and FedEx can be delivered to our office if someone is there. There is a note in the door if nobody is there that will resolve some issues, but some items may get returned or otherwise hung up somewhere. If you want to be safe, your personal bookkeeper will accept packages at their homes. You can make those arrangements with them directly.

Please rest assured that we are continuing to do the best we can to serve all of our client's needs. Because of the difficult circumstances we currently find ourselves in, there may be occasional delays in getting things to you. I promise that we will continue to do our best every day. We have hired a new associate who is starting at the end of the month. We are busy. Commerce continues, as it must. We will continue to be good stewards of your books. We will know where your money comes from, and where it goes. We will continue to provide you with the information you need to run your businesses. You can't manage what you can't measure.

I wish you all good health. Wash your hands. No hugs for a while. We will get through this together.

All the best,