We specialize in Credit Card Reconciliations for businesses in Columbus, Ohio.

Many of the companies we serve in Columbus and central Ohio use credit cards to make purchases for their business, and they will need a proper reconciliation of those accounts.

Those authorized to use a company credit card should save all paper receipts from any transactions. Our staff of QuickBooks advisors in Columbus will match each receipt to the monthly statement generated by the credit card company. This will assure that all transactions are legitimate. Any suspicious charges to the credit card can be investigated. A proper credit card reconciliation should be done for each credit card in use. This will provide the business owner with the assurance that the credit cards are being used solely for their intended purpose.

Take advantage of our newly developed app, AutoKept, which will allow you to photograph and voice record a memo for all of your business receipts. The information is stored permanently and can be retrieved remotely by our bookkeepers when reconciling your credit card accounts.

Our Columbus, Ohio staff of reconciliation consultants will prepare your credit card reconciliations and help you achieve Perfect Balance in your credit card accounts.

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