Perfect Balance is a professional bookkeeping outsource for Non Profit Organizations in Bexley OH.

We provide a wide array of bookkeeping services to a diverse group of clients, primarily in Bexley, Ohio. Our clients are small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, small and medium size professional practices, active and retired professional athletes, high net worth individuals, and the elderly.

We provide Bexley Non Profit Organizations with accounting and bookkeeping services.

The services we provide encompass all of the necessary bookkeeping functions in order to keep track of all revenues and expenses for our clients. We make deposits, write checks, reconcile bank and credit card accounts, produce monthly statements, manage the payroll process, plan budgets, forecast cash flows, prepare clients for their tax professionals, and generally anything that the client needs to run his/her personal and/or business finances. Find out more about our expert: Bookkeeping Services.

Our bookkeepers are all experts in the use and application of QuickBooks software. We have been providing outsourced bookkeeping for more than 20 years. We are fast, efficient, and we have many excellent references. Find out more about our consultation and support services for Quickbooks.

Why Choose Perfect Balance Accounting for Non Profit Organizations

Perfect Balance Accounting is a firm in Bexley Ohio that specializes in non profit accounting and booking services. We have helped many satisfied non profit organizations, who have been happily using our services for many years.

Perfect Balance has QuickBooks professional advisers for non profit organizations.

Perfect Balance provides accounting and bookkeeping support and services to a wide range of central Ohio clients, including small businesses, individuals, professional practices, not-for-profits, trusts, estates, and the elderly.

Perfect Balance was founded by Susan Schnitz, CPA, who has a passion for working with small business, but wanted some balance in her own personal and professional life. A graduate with a business accounting degree from The Ohio State University, Mrs. Schnitz worked for Deloitte & Touche, PWC, and The Limited, before starting Perfect Balance Accounting in 1992.

Perfect Balance does not prepare income tax returns. Our focus is on bookkeeping and accounting services that are necessary for small businesses, non profit organizations, and individuals. For small business, Perfect Balance Accounting is your personal outsource expert for all bookkeeping necessities. For individuals, the services we provide can include anything from check writing, paying bills, reconciling accounts and preparing accurate information for tax accountants, wealth advisers, and financial planners.

At Perfect Balance Accounting, we offer a unique approach to accounting and bookkeeping for non profit organizations. Our goal is to help non profit organizations achieve a "Perfect Balance" in every day finances.

Perfect Balance Accounting

Perfect Balance Accounting
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